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The Department of Languages administers Compulsory and Compulsory Elective subjects. This department offers Foundation English, Technical Communication, Technical Communication, Technical English, English for Professional Communication and Foreign Languages (Malay, Arabic Mandarin, Japanese, German and French). Subjects such as Foundation English, Technical Communication, Technical English and English for Professional Communication are compulsory for students who have not attempted MUET or obtained Band 2 and below in MUET. The third language subjects are offered to students as a valued added elective subject to learn foreign languages.
This Department also conducts courses for the University in enhancing language proficiency among its staff and students. The courses are Intensive English Language Programme (IELP) for international students, English Proficiency Programme for Academicians, English in Bits and Pieces, Arabic in Bits and Pieces, Mandarin in Bits and Pieces and Japanese in Bits and Pieces. Other activities organised are SALL Open Day and English Week.
The Department has six language laboratories and one Self Access Language Lab (SALL) which are equipped with various foreign language software, audio-visual equipment, watching rooms as well as multimedia computers to enhance the language teaching and learning environment.

University Compulsory Diploma Programmes

No. Course Code Course Medium Credit Contact Hours
1 DLHW 1012 Foundation English English 2 2
2 DLHW 2422 English for Effective Communication English 2 2
3 DLHW 3432 English for Marketability English 2 2

University Compulsory Course Undergraduate Degree Programmes

No. Course Code Course Medium Credit Pre-requsite
1 BLHW 1442 English for Academic Purposes English 2 None
2 BLHW 2452 Academic Writing English 2 BLHW 1442
3 DLHW 3462 English for Professional Interaction English 2 BLHW 2452
4 BLHL 1012 Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi I Malay 2 International Students

Third Language Courses

No. Course Code Course Medium Credit Pre-requsite
5 BLHL 1112 Arabic I Arabic 2 None
6 BLHL 1212 Mandarin I Mandarin 2 None
7 BLHL 1312 Japanese I Japanese 2 None
8 BLHL 1612 Korean I Korean 2 None
9 BLHL 1412 German 1 German 2 None
10 BLHL 1422 German 2 German 2 BLHL 1412
11 BLHL 1432 German 3 German 2 BLHL 1422