First of all, I am grateful to Allah S.W.T for his permission and grace I was allowed to give a welcome note on the website of Centre for Languages Learning (CeLL), Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.

Initially, the centre was named Academic Service Centre in 2000. Later in 2016, it was renamed to Center for Languages and Human Development. And now it’s officially known as Centre for Language Learning. CeLL’s vision is to become an excellent Centre for Languages and Human Development. The mission, in particular, is to educate skilled professionals and intellectuals through the application of soft skills in teaching and learning to produce students who are balanced in physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social aspects as well as creative and innovative.

At present, the Centre for Languages Learning has two departments, namely National Language and English Department and International Department and Language Services. It also offers university-compulsory, compulsory elective and elective courses for undergraduate and diploma programmes. In addition, CeLL also offers Tahfiz Certification Program course in collaboration with JAKIM specifically for UTeM students. Furthermore, CeLL also conducts university-level courses in soft skills including language skills among staff and students.

Last but not least, I would like to thank you for visiting CeLL’s website and happy browsing.

Thank you.